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August 01, 2008


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Oh! it seems those Summer Skirts looks cool, and very fashionable...thanks for posting this.



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wow your photos look amazing and great! excellent advert. it even makes me want to start stitching. and yah, i would totally rather buy a red needle, so when it drops on the floor i can see it!


Information in this article make me wonder, how can man so nicefully represent such wellknown things.

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It may sound strange - but a lower crotch and billowing butt - soft fabric gathered all around the thigh area - is the hot look for trousers for spring. It may not be the sexiest look - but it IS comfortable, and it looks new to the eye. We also saw a lot of jumpsuits on the European runways - it just shows that pants are loosening up and getting more fun, more roomy - and when times are tough, well, it's nice to be able to eat!!! 2945abc45 0422

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Nothing beats vintage summer skirts! :)

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